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Sea Freight Volume

27.658  teu as FCL

33.521 teu as FCL

Dry Bulk Tonnage

1.203.655 mts

1.687.475 mts

Air Freight Volume

4.568 tonnes

4.315 tonnes

Project Cargo Carriage

168.641 cbm

183.846 cbm


Sea Freight Volume

34.068 teu as FCL

Dry Bulk Tonnage

1.913.905 mts

Air Freight Volume

5.002 tonnes

Project Cargo Carriage

98,455 cbm



Our customer is the South America’s exporter excess prime and over rolled steel exports containers all over the world.

Exports of this steel expert represents 50 containers of 20” per week from his factory in Brazil (Itaguai) to China (Ningbo). W SHIPPING & LOGISTICS Ltd. helps them to synchronize the transportation process of these more than 1380 x 20'dc containers per year and provide them with a flexible sea freight solution and beyond. Remain volume are transported via our voyage charter based dry bulk cargo vessel as 32.000 mts.


  1. Coordination with several trucking companies to assure performance under our system SPI-W
  2. Coordination with all parties involved (Cargo’s Supplier, Trucking co., Cargo Broker and Port Terminal)
  3. Full container free time on terminal negotiated for delivery units directly from the plant to the port when our dry bulk vessel does not call Itaguai
  4. In collaboration with a survey company to follow process and issue reports