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Address : 1-3 Rumford Street, Exchange Flags, Liverpool L2 8SZ  // UNITED KINGDOM


We are W Shipping & Logistics (UK) Ltd. - a run team of freight professionals with decades of joint experience in the shipping industry. Based at hearth of North West England, LIVERPOOL was formed five years ago in 2012 and we have spent years perfecting shipping methods across the globe specialising in International Shipping and Freight Forwarding with a global network of freight agents, partners and suppliers.

With branch offices in China and USA plus a world-wide network of high quality partners of agents, we offer our clients customised logistics and transport services.

These services are based upon a close cooperation with our customers. Only this way we can make your logistics work.


The world is continually changing, and so is our business.

But one thing that will never change is our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets. Each of us has a responsibility to protect and live up to it – every day.

We prohibit bribery to anyone, and the making of undue payments or kickbacks in any form, whether direct or indirect. This includes a prohibition on all bribes or facilitation payments to speed up routine governmental transactions or to secure business.

W Shipping & Logistics (UK) Ltd. engages a broad range of business partners to work on its behalf including agents, representatives, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers. We are committed to the principles of openness and transparency in our dealings with all of them, and expects the same commitment in return.

We compete fairly and honestly, observing all applicable anti-trust and competition laws. We are truthful in every detail concerning our products and services when we advertise or solicit for business.

We will only provide donations to organisations that serve a legitimate public purpose, and are themselves subject to high standards of transparency and accountability. We do not make donations to political parties or to any other government officials.

W Shipping & Logistics (UK) Ltd. will not criticise or penalise employees for any loss of business resulting from adherence to these principles.