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Q: Who is the consignee and who is the consignor or shipper?

A: The consignor (or shipper) is the person who is the originator of the shipment. A consignee is the person who is the receiver of the shipment.

Q: What does the International Sea freight Express Release Bill of Lading mean?

A: By default all shipments with us go on express releases. Express = telex release = means that you do not have to provide original international Sea freight Bill of Ladings in order to recover your goods at the destination. International shipments on express release should be released at the destination upon providing a copy of the Sea freight Bill of Lading received from us in e-mail.

No originals required.

Several countries around the world, particularly Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and certain countries in Africa, do not accept express releases. Carriers should specify this upon the issue of the Bill of Lading. In this case, we will mail you a set of original Bill of Ladings by mail. Expedited or international mail must be prepaid. If the shipper/receptionist require a set of original Bill of Ladings for international shipments to countries that W Shipping & Logistics Ltd. destination country agent accept express release, there will be a $50.00 fee and the shipper is responisible for postage.

Q: Can I amend my international sea freight Bill of Lading?

A: Amending an international Sea freight Bill of Lading after it has been issued can become quite complex, and may not always be possible. This is true especially if the goods have already arrived at the destination. It is recommended that you take some additional time and review the information that you've entered when booking your international shipment. While submitting your international shipping documents online you will have several opportunities to verify and correct the entered info.

After the international Sea freight Bill of Lading is issued, any amendments to it are subject to the ocean freight carrier's amendment fees. This fee varies from $70 to $200 or more.

If you need amendments, we suggest you contact your international ocean freight W Shipping & Logistics Ltd. destination agent first. It may be possible to request a re-issue of your Bill of Lading at the destination. If this is not possible, we will attempt to work on these amendments on your behalf. There will be a fee dependent on the circumstances surrounding the amendments, along with W Shipping & Logistics Ltd. and (if any) carrier's amendment fees.

Please note that amending a Bill of Lading is not guaranteed and may take an uncertain amount of time.

LETTER OF INDEMNITY: If during your international shipment, an original Sea freight Bill of Lading is required, but needs to be amended or has been lost, an international ocean freight carrier may request a LETTER OF INDEMNITY. Here is the link with a sample of LETTER OF INDEMNITY in regards to international shipping of ocean freight.

Q: Do you guarantee transit time on my international shipment?

A: ETT - Estimated Transit Time, i.e. a time slot between ETD - Estimated Time of Departure and ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival in ocean freight quotes are not precise and should be verified upon a booking request. Additionally, transit time in booking confirmations CANNOT be guaranteed however, normally international ocean freight shipments depart and arrive as scheduled.

Notice: For international ocean freight shipments with trans-shipments (your Bill of Lading shows that a port of discharge is different from the final destination) the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) may not be the ETA to the final destination.

Q: What will happen if I do not pay your invoices?

A: If a new customer does not pay a security deposit, we will not process his/her international shipment. Clients with settled accounts as agreed in the accounts.

If the ocean freight is tendered to the international shipment, but our final invoice is not paid on the due date, a late payment fee will apply. The late payment fee is 5% per day on the total due in the invoice / $200 minimum, whichever is greater.

If it is not paid within 10 (ten) calendar days after the due date, in addition to the late fee, we may cancel the Express Release on the shipment. As a result of the express release cancellation, the consignee will not be able to recover his/her goods at the destination unless they have received a set of original Bill of Ladings from us. Expedited mail with this set of originals will cost USD$200.00 aside from other charges related to issuing the original Bill of Ladings. We will NOT take any responsibilities for any storage, demurrage and/or other charges connected to delays with the release. We will NOT take any responsibilities on any charges connected to any delay of the freight at any point on its way to the place of release. Insurance will be canceled as unpaid at the time of express release cancellation as well.

If not paid within 10 (ten) days from the day of the arrival to the destination, the international shipment will be considered abandoned, i.e. requested to be destroyed or re-consigned and re-possessed and sold on the action in order to cover expenses related to the freight, storage, demurrage etc charges. U.K. and destination security officials will be notified and additional fines levied.